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What is wastegate:

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A wastegate is a device used in turbocharged engines to control the boost pressure by diverting exhaust gases away from the turbine wheel of the turbocharger. Wastegate ports on a turbo manifold are the openings where the wastegate is mounted.

These ports allow the wastegate to be integrated into the exhaust system, typically near the turbine inlet on the exhaust manifold or turbocharger housing. The wastegate port allows exhaust gases to bypass the turbine wheel, avoiding overboost conditions and ensuring the boost pressure is controlled within desired limits.

The size and position of the wastegate ports on a turbo manifold may vary depending on the specific turbocharger and engine setup. They are designed to accommodate the wastegate size and provide efficient exhaust gas flow for optimal turbocharger performance.

It's important to note that wastegate ports and their positioning should be properly matched to the engine's airflow requirements and the desired boost pressure control. Designing or modifying a turbo manifold should be done with the assistance of an experienced professional or utilizing established aftermarket solutions for optimum performance and reliability.

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