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Which one is better?? Billet Dual plenum or Billet single Plenum intake manifold.

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At CNC INNOVATIONS we also design and machine Billet Dual Plenum intake Manifold for most of our Billet single plenum intake manifold. However, we suggest dual plenum intake manifold for engines with more than 1.6L capacity. 
In general, The main difference between a billet dual plenum intake manifold and a billet single plenum intake manifold is the number of plenums. A plenum is a chamber or space where air flows before entering the combustion chamber of the engine. 

A billet dual plenum intake manifold has two separate plenums. This design allows for improved airflow and distribution of air into each cylinder bank, which can result in increased power and performance.
On the other hand, a billet single plenum intake manifold has only one plenum, where air from all cylinders flows together before entering the combustion chamber.

In comparison , the choice between a dual plenum and single plenum intake manifold would depend on the specific application and goals for the engine. A dual plenum intake manifold may be more suitable for racing or high performance applications where maximum power is desired, while a single plenum intake manifold could still offer good performance for everyday driving.

Just to share with you, Finally, After many hours of discussion, R&D, Designing, prototyping and testing, we have recently offer an ultimate Air Stream intake manifold for engines below 1.6L. This new design has a center-feed Plenum with a considerably big opening 90 degree elbow runner plenum. Technically it a combination of a Side-feed & a Center-Feed intake manifold. this design will offer a very good Air Stream while reserve a good amount of air in the plenum for the engines below 1.6L. we are offering them for toyota 1nz-fe NCP42 and 2NR-FE/VE at the moment,  you may check them out in our website.

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